Culture Shock 2 (Comments)



Culture Shock 2 (Questions)




 1) If I would live in another country like Australia, of course I would miss my home, family, habits, traditions and values. Moreover, I would miss strongly two things which are very important safety and halal food.

2) I might shock of Australian food,   habits weather and cloths.

3) I will search about the Arab areas in Australia or the places which Arab people prefer to live because I would like to live in these places. Also, I can communicate with them to know where I can find Arabian restaurant and halal food. Added to that, I will search about Australian weather to be know which kind of cloths I have to take.

Unusual food ( The Rambutan)

The rambutan is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae. This fruit is from Malay-Indonesian , Thailand and Philippines. It is always are sold fresh l. Moreover, it is used in making jams and jellies. Added to that, I can find it in the UAE market. Also, it is tasty and healty like other fruits. 

How Rude Was That?


1) Burping at the end of a meal. In my opinion, it is very rude in my culture because it is shame and it is not respecting to other guests and burping infront guests in dining table is vary bad habt in my culture and it is unacceptable manner in UAE culture. On the other hand, it is acceptable habt in South Korea because it is healthy and also it is the way to show satisfaction for their meals.

2) Kissing in public. Kissing between man and women and in public is very rude in my culture  because it is  against Isalam and it is very personal thing should be happen in their personal home. In Europe, kissing in public is very normal thing in their culture and it could be part from their culture.

3) Spitting on the sidewalk. It is very rude in my culture because we all care about the cleanliness to our country and being clean is a part of my culture. However, spitting on the sidewalk in other culture like India is normal  habit and these people do not care about the cleanliness of their culture.

Thoob (Emarati traditional dress)

This picture shows the most famous traditional dress in the UAE which coled thoob. Women in the UAE wears this dress in occasion such as wedding parties, national day and in Eid days. Moreover,  It makes from different materials and colors like silk, shifoon and coton. Added to that,  now adays there are many new designs and colorful dress which is really beautiful and most ladies in the UAE prefard to wear it. 

About Me



My name is Salma. I got diploma in Human Resources Management from ADVETI. My hobbies are cooking and traveling. For example, l love to cook Indian foods especially biryani. Moreover,  l enjoyed in Germany  and Zalmsi when I traveled to there. For instance, l loved the beautiful weather , raining and wonderful landscape.

Iam a very organized and hard working student. I believe that, any person want to be successful and to reach goals, sould be very hard working and to improve his skills which is affected positvily to his work.