Culture Clash


2- In my opinion, it is about build relationship between Japanese business man and American business woman. Moreover, in some cultures people prefer to build long relationship like to meet and to have dinner outside the work. However, there are another cultures would like to build short term relation ship which is avoid meeting outside office. In American culture time is making money and “yesterday” means to finish work quickly.
3- In my opinion, it is not good when they talked about the work during their dinner party because all of them met to have dinner and fun. Also, business meeting or talking about work should be done in the office.
4- I agree with him. He should make this new rule which will lead all employees to be on time. Moreover, to achieve their goals and to be successful in their organization they have to be on time.
5- I dissatisfied from her work because she was very late to send email. Also, to be punctual in the company is very important because if you delay to send emails, you will lead your company to lose reputation. Moreover, being on time, punctual and committed are very important manners should be available in all employees to complete their work effectively and to achieve organization’s goals.
6- In my opinion , it will be normal manner if I use it only to wipe my hands. Moreover, I think most of people use hot towel to clean their hands only. Besides that, using it to wipe face is not acceptable in some cultures.


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