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1. Find 3 things about a different culture that you didn’t know before.



The Dani people of Western New Guinea have a unique mourning process. It was a traditional for older women to cut off segments of their finger to show their mourning after the death of the family member (Smith, n.d).



Called “El Salto del Colacho,” or “the Devil’s Jump,” men in Burgos, Spain wear like the Devil and jump over babies born during the last year. Moreover, it is a Catholic tradition thought to cleanse the infants of original sin. Also, provide protection throughout their life (Smith, n.d).



Female infanticide, or the killing of newborn baby girls, is a common practice in cultures where having a female child is detrimental to the health of the family or tribe. Moreover, the other case is the one commonly found in India and other cultures that have dowries (a sum of money offered to a possible husband with his new bride). If a family can’t increase a suitable dowry, it’s easier for them to kill the baby girl. Besides that, the ultrasound test is ban in India because when married ladies know that they pregnant with baby girl, they immediately miscarriage their baby girl (Smith, n.d).

 2. What are some problems with ethnocentrism in the UAE?

In the UAE men can marry four ladies. Allah, (sharia) or Islamic law allows men to get married to 4 ladies. It is very different than other culture which allows them to marry only one lady and if he divorced from her so, he can marry to another lady. Besides that, according to Holy book (Quran) men can get married 4 wives but if he cannot treat them fairly and equally between his wives, so it is better from him to get married only to one lady. Added to that, there are reasons when Allah allowed that. For example, if the first wife is sick, and she cannot take care to him and the kids so, in this situation he can marry to second lady or wife.  Also, if the first wife has medical issues that she cannot be pregnant so, the husband can get marry to second lady instead of being in illegally relationship with her.

 3. How could these problems be overcome?

  The UAE culture based from the Islamic law. Islamic law is the main source of legislation.  Also, most of the rules, regulations and laws comes from the Islamic law which also has a detailed explanation of how people to deal with each other on issues such as marriage, divorce, guardianship, the rights of parents, wives and children, trade, minors affairs, inheritance and custody of the children after divorce. The UAE cultures and other cultures are very different in many things so, both of them have to accept and understand the differences between them and to understand clearly that some situations which are allowed and acceptable in our culture, while in their culture is not. As a result, both cultures must to focus in how they can improve their selves by working to gather, creating ideas, sharing knowledge, improving skills, learning new technique in using technology and solving problems. Finally, the most important thing is that they have to achieve their country’s or organization’s goals so, they have to avoid the barriers which affect negatively to their goals.


Smith, B. (n.d). 19 Things Other Cultures Practice That You’ll Never Believe. Retrieved from



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