High & Low Context Culture 


WRITE H or L next to these descriptors
1) Strong sense of insiders and outsiders H


2) Specific information exists L


3) Informal L


4) Team and family activities preferred H   


5) Focus on results L


6) Transparency expected L


7) A lot of confidential information H 


8) Rules and regulations are easily accessible L


9) Close personal relationships H


10) General information H


11) Elders/authoritative figures in control H


12) “Have a go at it” philosophy L


13) Individual responsibility L                   


14) Concerned about ‘losing’ face. H


15) Expertise valued L


16) Who you know is important H


17) Focus on task H                      


18) Emphasis on words and text L


19) Strong sense of family H              


20) What you know is important L


21) Gender roles clearly defined H


22) Polite people admired H


23) Reserved H


24) Individual freedom valued L


25) Strong sense of honour H


26) Short term relationships L


27) Process more important than product H

28) Privacy (even when dealing with one’s own family) highly valued H


29) Public admission of wrongdoing expected. H
30) Strong sense of respect H


31) Better response to visual information 
32) Gender roles less fixed L


33) No direct eye contact H


34) Strong sense of fairness L


35) Verbal agreements H


36) Values logic over feeling L


37) Very rare marriage with outsiders H


38) Clear division of responsibilities at work L


39) Written contracts L
40) Public criticism insulting H

Choose from three of the sentences in the document that represent you personality and explain why:

1- Team work preferred

 Personally, I prefer to work with in group because if I want to achieve my organization’s goals, I have to build a strong relationship with my group members which leads to share ideas, divide work equally between us, improve skills, learn new tasks and get experience to solve difficult problems. Moreover, I can get feedback from them to improve my weakness.

2- Direct communication

 I love to communicate directly with my family, friends and people to avoid misunderstanding and problems could happen. Also, to avoid gossiping which lead to be in problems and embarrassing situation. 

3- Strong sense of family

I love to take care of my family such as brothers, sisters, nephew and nice especially when my mother traveled abroad to visit her family. I cook for them until she returns. The most important person in my family is my mother. Moreover, I look after her medicine, go shopping, watching TV, attend medical appointment with her and discussing in everything which related to family’s issue. Also, I make sure to keep a bottle of water in her room and open it little bit to be easier when she drinks.

4- Rules and regulations

 I strongly agree that people should follow the rules, regulations or policies and procedures. Added to that, by following the rules the life will be easy without any problem, to be success and achieve you life’s goal. I am very organized, punctual, on time and finish my work step by step and on time which leads me to follow the rules, and it is part of my personality.


Advertising in the UAE

1- Islamic religion: they must avoid advertisements with words which related to Islamic holy book ” Holy Quran” and Prophet Mohammed talks.

2- Leader: it is allowed to use UAE’s leaders in advertisements.
3- food: it is not allowed to put pig in pictures. 
4- Drinks: Al cohols is forbidden and it is against Islam.

Culture Clash


2- In my opinion, it is about build relationship between Japanese business man and American business woman. Moreover, in some cultures people prefer to build long relationship like to meet and to have dinner outside the work. However, there are another cultures would like to build short term relation ship which is avoid meeting outside office. In American culture time is making money and “yesterday” means to finish work quickly.
3- In my opinion, it is not good when they talked about the work during their dinner party because all of them met to have dinner and fun. Also, business meeting or talking about work should be done in the office.
4- I agree with him. He should make this new rule which will lead all employees to be on time. Moreover, to achieve their goals and to be successful in their organization they have to be on time.
5- I dissatisfied from her work because she was very late to send email. Also, to be punctual in the company is very important because if you delay to send emails, you will lead your company to lose reputation. Moreover, being on time, punctual and committed are very important manners should be available in all employees to complete their work effectively and to achieve organization’s goals.
6- In my opinion , it will be normal manner if I use it only to wipe my hands. Moreover, I think most of people use hot towel to clean their hands only. Besides that, using it to wipe face is not acceptable in some cultures.

Culture Shock 2 (Questions)




 1) If I would live in another country like Australia, of course I would miss my home, family, habits, traditions and values. Moreover, I would miss strongly two things which are very important safety and halal food.

2) I might shock of Australian food,   habits weather and cloths.

3) I will search about the Arab areas in Australia or the places which Arab people prefer to live because I would like to live in these places. Also, I can communicate with them to know where I can find Arabian restaurant and halal food. Added to that, I will search about Australian weather to be know which kind of cloths I have to take.

Unusual food ( The Rambutan)

The rambutan is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae. This fruit is from Malay-Indonesian , Thailand and Philippines. It is always are sold fresh l. Moreover, it is used in making jams and jellies. Added to that, I can find it in the UAE market. Also, it is tasty and healty like other fruits. 

How Rude Was That?


1) Burping at the end of a meal. In my opinion, it is very rude in my culture because it is shame and it is not respecting to other guests and burping infront guests in dining table is vary bad habt in my culture and it is unacceptable manner in UAE culture. On the other hand, it is acceptable habt in South Korea because it is healthy and also it is the way to show satisfaction for their meals.

2) Kissing in public. Kissing between man and women and in public is very rude in my culture  because it is  against Isalam and it is very personal thing should be happen in their personal home. In Europe, kissing in public is very normal thing in their culture and it could be part from their culture.

3) Spitting on the sidewalk. It is very rude in my culture because we all care about the cleanliness to our country and being clean is a part of my culture. However, spitting on the sidewalk in other culture like India is normal  habit and these people do not care about the cleanliness of their culture.